Flower Essences in Clinical Practice & Personal Use

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Flower Essences in Clinical Practice & Personal Use

Check out a prerecorded panel discussion filmed for Herbalists Without Borders featuring their Board member, Arati Ursus of Brown Bear Herbs (@brownbearherbs), their business member, Felicia Howe of Primrose Organics Apothecary (@primroseorganics_apothecary), and Jocelyn Perez Blanco, founder of Herban Garden (@herbangarden.eco) and Executive Director of Herbalists Without Borders.

This webinar discussion recording is available for all, providing an opportunity for everyone to delve into the fascinating world of flower essences. Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of flower essences. Whether you're new to this holistic approach or an experienced practitioner, this panel discussion offers invaluable insights, personal experiences, and practical suggestions for incorporating flower essences into your life and community health initiatives!

Featured in this recording:

  • Our panelists share their expertise, personal anecdotes on the profound effects of flower essences on their emotional and physical health., and some practical tips on how to incorporate flower essences into your life.
  • Gain valuable insights into the diverse range of clinical uses of flower essences as well as how to tailor the therapy to individual needs and promote holistic well-being.
  • Discover strategies for incorporating flower essences into community health initiatives, including providing practical suggestions for combining the therapy with other herbal preparations or supplements that can aid in promoting holistic health among your communities.

Recommended Reading List:

To further enrich your knowledge and understanding of flower essences, we are offering a recommended reading list as a free download. These 12 books will deepen your exploration of flower essence therapy and provide valuable resources for continued learning and growth in your practice.

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