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As the Summer Solstice approaches, Jocelyn reflects on the nostalgic and calming qualities of Linden trees, sharing a cherished family tradition of preparing Linden flower essence to welcome the summer season.

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Radical Remedies: An Herbalist's Guide to Empowered Self-Care by Brittany Ducham is a comprehensive and engaging resource that emphasizes holistic well-being and self-care through herbal remedies. With a warm, inviting tone and detailed content including recipes, herbal profiles, and sustainability practices, Ducham provides invaluable tools for both novice and experienced herbalists to transform their relationship with plant allies and prioritize their own health.

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Originally published on American Herbalist Guild site Whether it involved tending to houseplants or using herbs in everyday life, plants have always been an important part of my maternal family’s dynamic – the primary source of nutrition and medicine. I was raised in a household with a mother, Xinia (pronounced See-nia), who took every opportunity to share her knowledge and instill a deep appreciation for the healing that nature could bring, inspiring me to embrace food as medicine and the beauty all around us, whether found in a field of white clover or the most delicate damascus rose. This is...

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